Yarrow Fairy

If you live in a climate where Achillea millefolium grows, then you’re probably beginning to see her delicate blooms everywhere you look! I not only love the beautiful Yarrow plant, but I always enjoy the idea of fairies that represent the many flowers and trees that grow around us. 


If you enjoy the fun of fairies or want to share these lovely allies to your children or grandchildren, you can get the book here which contains this fairy and the other fairies of summer:

Flower Fairies of the Summer by Cicely Mary Barker

Meet the Yarrow Fairy

“Among the harebells and the grass,

The grass all feathery with seed,

I dream, and see the people pass:

They pay me little heed.

And yet the children (so I think)

In spite of other flowers more dear,

Would miss my clusters white and pink,

If I should disappear.”

2 thoughts on “Yarrow Fairy

  1. We went foraging yesterday, I was on the hunt for elderflower a. Didn’t find any of them, but found some red elderberries, which I left I disturbed.

    We did, however, see a ton of Yarrow in full bloom! We took a few but left much of what was there for Mother Nature. 

    We didn’t see any fairies this time, maybe next time 😉 

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