One-on-One Coaching


Need a little motivation to get you going or keep you moving toward your goals? Don’t waste another week, month, or year intending to get where you want to be. Let’s get it done – TOGETHER!



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Everyone has dreams.

Some dreams are bigger than others, but all dreams require commitment and determination in order to achieve. Sometimes it helps to have a cheerleader, a guide, a mentor, an advisor, or coach to help you set big, but achievable, goals and complete the steps necessary to reach the finish line.

I understand the isolation an online student or a stay at home mom can feel when trying to move forward in life, set and achieve goals, and make their personal journey memorable and meaningful. It can be lonely and it’s easy to feel like you are the only one out there moving forward.

Many women really excel when they have more individualized interaction and coaching, it finally gives them that push they needed in order to realize their dreams; and that’s what this newest offer is all about.

**Two 30 minute calls or Zoom meeting each month – One-on-One**

These calls are completely personalized and the direction is always determined by your goals, strengths, and personal challenges. I am the facilitator who keeps the call on track and organized to maximize your benefit from every call.

We will start by discussing your whys (yes, this is important), we will explore your long term goals and talk about the best way to break them down into bite-sized pieces, we will explore the vision you have for your life, evaluate your time management and personal development. After that, our future phone calls will be focused on the short term goals you are working on, discussing what you’ve completed each two week period of time, giving goal oriented or personal development assignments (don’t worry it won’t add extra, everything is intended to help propel you forward) and cheering you on as you steadily progress through your goals. 

I can help coach you through one of our programs from beginning to completion, get you moving forward again after a long break or help you overcome personal challenges & life changes that have left you wondering who you are and what life is about for you now.

No matter what you are trying to achieve I want you to succeed and that’s why I’m offering this package!

The space for one-on-one Coaching is limited, don’t wait to reserve your space!

If you want to meet 4 times a month instead of 2 times, please purchase two of the same plan length. For instance if you are purchasing a 9 month coaching program, we would meet two times a month, if you purchase two 9 month programs we would meet 4 times a month for 9 months. 


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