Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism – Hybrid


You’re ready to invest in your herbal education (you may have no or a little herbal knowledge) and are looking for a program that covers everything – plant identification, cultivation, basic anatomy & physiology and appropriate herbs to use in different body systems, western energetics, herbal preparations, and more.

You’re also someone who would rather work through a program at her own pace while still having the advantage of hands-on preparations, plant ID/wildcrafting, and tasting herbs. 

This program is perfect for you!

Listen to (and download) lectures, complete readings, engage in assignments, learning activities, and quizzes online AND attend live classes to get that in-person time for the topics where it makes sense.

In the hybrid program you will choose what year you want to attend the in-person intensives which are available twice a year – one in the early summer and one in the fall (Saturday and Sunday). This way, if you have to make a longer drive to get here, you can travel the day before and after the workshop and don’t have to give up multiple Saturdays a month like our full in-person program has been in the past.

Hands-on Workshop Intensives

Your program investment includes 1 summer and 1 fall intensive (materials included are all herbs and two waxes for making salve and lotion); all other materials (jars, oil, alcohol, honey are not included) you have the option to purchase an herbal kit that includes these additional items for $25 so you don’t need to remember to bring it all with you. If you would like to attend again the next year you will be asked to pay $40 to cover the cost of all the materials.

One-on-One Mentorship

You will have the option to meet with me one-on-one twice a month for a tailored, 30 minute video call. If you have questions about the program content or need clarification on a topic, this is the time to get answers!

We offer a thorough, well-laid out program to allow for deeper understanding and learning for the serious herbal student. Topics and lessons include:

  • 20+ PDF handouts with all content, preparations, and monographs (over 1000 pages total) – you can buy the textbook which has all these handouts in one place
  • 16 body systems (overview & therapeutics) – each recording is between 30 and 60 minutes
  • 27 herbal preparations: in-person
  • Children’s Health (including nutrition)
  • 30 herbal monographs
  • Herbal energetics
  • Tissue states
  • Taste of herbs (in-person)
  • Botany for the herbalist (in-person)
  • Cultivating herbs using permaculture (10 part video series and some demonstration done in person)
  • Assignments, learning activities, and quizzes are included in each session to ensure high retention
  • Two One-on-One video meetings with Monica
  • Two in-person intensives: Early summer and Fall (each class is included as part of the tuition)

With this hybrid program you can start anytime during the year. Our intensives are pre-scheduled and can be attended in any order.

Two Tuition Options

$2097 one time payment for 2 year access to the program

$350 a month for 6 months for 2 year access to the program

LIVE CLASSES IN 2023: June 13 & either late September or early October depending on weather, 9 AM – 4 PM

Dates of 2024 classes to be determined late 2023



By purchasing this program you have read, understand and agree to the refund policies.

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We wanted to make the Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism accessible to as many people as possible so we have a couple of tuition options available:

  • Pay for the entire course one time for $1397 for 2 years access to the online content
  • Choose to make 6 payments of $250 for 2 years access to the online content

You choose which option works best within in your budget!

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