Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism-Online


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You want a complete program that starts with the basics and progresses to a level that gives you confidence to use herbs and maintain health naturally. This is the one for you!

We built this program so no student would need to piece meal their program together. Our full immersion program covers everything from anatomy & physiology for the herbalist to herbal preparations and building your own materia medica. We offer a thorough, well-laid out program to allow for deeper understanding and learning for the committed herbal student.

When you finish this program you will know 30 herbs and how to prepare them for optimum performance, you’ll understand the body systems and how everything is connected. You’ll feel confident managing you and your family’s health (and even minor illness and injuries) using herbs and preparations you have in your home. Stop relying on over the counter medication and quick fixes, and discover how to get to the root of the problem and truly heal from the inside out.

Topics and lessons include:

  • 20+ PDF handouts with all content, preparations, and monographs (over 1000 pages total)
  • 16 body systems (overview & therapeutics) – recordings
  • 27 herbal preparations – videos
  • Children’s Health (including nutrition)
  • First Aid
  • 30 herbal monographs
  • Herbal energetics
  • Tissue states
  • Botany for the herbalist
  • Cultivating herbs using permaculture (10 part video series)
  • Assignments, learning activities, and quizzes are included in each session to ensure high retention
  • Weekly live Zoom meetings
  • Greatly discounted live classes

Two Tuition Options

($1697) $997 one time payment for 2 year access to the program

($285) $175 for 6 months for 2 year access to the program

Payment Options
  • 6 monthly payments of $175
    • 6 monthly payments of $175 $175.00 2 year access to the course


We wanted to make the Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism accessible to as many people as possible so we have a couple of tuition options available:

  • Pay for the entire course one time for $997 for 2 years access
  • Choose to make 6 payments of $175 for 2 years access

You choose which option works best within in your budget!

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