Cultivating Herbs Using Permaculture


Have you heard of permaculture and wondered how you can put it into practice in your garden or on your property? This is the perfect course to get you a solid foundation while giving practical and doable steps that will allow you to start right away.

In this 10 part video series you will learn how to make your own composts and fertilizers, how to plan your garden for maximum harvest while minimizing inputs over the years, and how to create a closed system.

Sean is a land and homestead consultant that has worked with dozens of people to help them understand how to incorporate permaculture into their new or existing systems. Learn his tips and tricks to help you create an abundant garden or property whether small or big.

If you are looking for in-depth herbal training PLUS learning to cultivate herbs using permaculture, then we recommend enrolling in our Fundamentals Program which includes this entire course PLUS:

  • Weekly live meetings to help keep you on track with your studies and herbal education
  • Assignments, learning activities, and quizzes to ensure you are learning the important takeaways for each session
  • Hands on activities to get you comfortable making preparations, growing herbs, and wildcrafting

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