Borage, A Relative of Comfrey

We’ve talked a bit about borage before, but it’s a beautiful and delicious plant, and deserves a revisit! It’s not only a great companion plant, but it’s a useful one to herbalists.

Borago officinalis is a cooling and moistening relative of comfrey. This is important information to remember. We actually don’t have that many moistening herbs. It’s a short list and borage is on it!

Though borage isn’t used as frequently today as it was in the past, I believe its benefits are still extremely relevant, considering we tend to burn ourselves out with expectations that are too high and going at a non-stop breakneck pace.

Benefits of Borage

  • emotional exhaustion, pushing yourself too hard
  • colds including respiratory issues, especially congestion
  • heart palpitations, although I tend to think Leonurus cardiaca (Motherwort) is especially great at this, but doesn’t have the moistening properties
  • menopause symptoms such as exhaustion and hot flashes

Parts & Preparations

  • parts used are the fresh, above-ground parts during flowering
  • borage is good infused in vodka, wine or honey/syrup; dosing is very small: 1 to 3 drops 1-3 times a day
  • eat the early, small leaves and flowers in salads or as a garnish; they both taste a lot like cucumber just a little fuzzier!


  • slightly sweet and salty

This means it

  • is building and toning; this is especially true of the nervous system and emotional heart
  • includes minerals
  • is diuretic

Here’s a video on the basics of growing borage and how to incorporate it into a permaculture system:

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