Dandelion Flower Fritters

The season is here

Dandelions are everywhere and hopefully you are able to get a hold of some nice ones. When you are looking for dandelions make sure you are picking from a clean area – no chemical spraying, not on the side of the road, not in a construction site. Basically, use common sense, you’re going to be eating them so you don’t want them to be exposed to toxins.

We’re fortunate enough to live on a homestead where there a ton of clean ones, especially in our annual/perennial garden where they are allowed to flourish and animals don’t have access. Join us for a little tour of our garden and what to look for when harvesting dandelion.

Join us in the kitchen

Now, onto the fun and easy part – making the fritters! It takes just a few simple ingredients and not more than 10 minutes to have this tasty snack ready to go. There are many variations you can make:

Gluten free? use almond flour or try coconut flour for a sweeter twist

Dairy free? Try using water or alternative milk like soy or almond

If you make them I’d love to hear from you and see a photo!

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