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Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals School of Herbalism offers online courses designed to empower students to feel comfortable incorporating herbs into their everyday lives, and inspiring them to become an active and meaningful contributors to the world of herbalism.


of Holistic Herbalism
$ 75
  • Full immersion program
  • Traditional western herbalism & energetics
  • Didactic & Scientific Professional Clinical, 360 hours


of Holistic Herbalism
$ 45
  • Botany for the Herbalist
  • Basics of Holistic Health
  • Herbal Basics
  • Herbal Preparations
  • Body Systems

Herbal Preparations 101

$ 29
  • Hot & Cold Infusions
  • Decoctions
  • Infused Wine
  • Infused Vinegar

Our instructors are knowledgable and engaging with an infectious passion for herbs, holistic health and education. Our curriculum is comprehensive and challenging, providing a solid foundation for the casual or beginner herbalist, as well as growing the experienced student’s working knowledge of local medicinal plants and their effects on the body systems.

Maybe you just want to learn about herbs and how you can better incorporate them into your own life, along with making healthy lifestyle adjustments.

For the beginner or casual herbalist, Huckleberry Mountain offers a variety of affordable basic and mini-courses – such as The Basics of Holistic Herbalism and our Herbal Preparations Bundle – that are perfect for anyone interested in getting their feet wet and beginning to develop their herbal senses!

For our more advanced and professional students who might want to make herbalism their career path, Huckleberry Mountain offers a formal, 360-hour course based on traditional western herbalism and energetics: The Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism.

Our full immersion program covers everything from anatomy & physiology for the herbalist and the basics of botany to herbal preparations and building your own materia medica, wildcrafting/plant ID and cultivating herbs using the permaculture method. We offer a thorough, well-laid out program to allow for deeper understanding and learning for the more serious-minded herbalist.

If you're ready to learn MORE about holistic health and using herbs to improve your own wellness and the wellbeing of your family, check out our selection of online courses!

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