This program is for you if...

  • You’ve dreamed of having a clinic and seeing clients in a professional setting

  • You feel called to help others achieve wellness, it is who you are

  • You are someone other people come to for health advice or guidance

  • You are a natural healer in another modality (aromatherapist, massage therapist, etc) and want to incorporate herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations into your practice

  • You have a passion for seeing others thrive not just survive

  • You live an authentic life of health and want to spread it to the world

Working on a clinical level takes commitment to your craft as well as a desire to grow personally so you can set the example and confidently guide your clients back into balance, health, and vitality.

Being a clinician requires compassion, patience, and exceptional listening skills, this last skill being of most importance.

It also requires both humility and knowledge. Humility because we understand we aren’t doing the healing but rather providing the tools the body needs in order to heal itself, and knowledge to know how best to support the person or when to refer to another practitioner if the case is too difficult for your level.

Throughout the course you will be given reading assignments, writing and presentation assignments, and real case studies in order to solidify your understanding. You will be expected to attend the monthly lives prepared and ready to discuss the topic. You will also be expected to interact with your study partner (assigned at the beginning of the program) on a regular basis in order to maximize your learning.

You dreamed - now make it your reality

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We won't be opening this program again until 2025
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