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Hands-on preparations, plant ID, and tasting

Earn your Family Herbalist Certificate learning how to enhance health, beauty, and vitality through the use of herbs as food and medicine. Meeting first Saturday in June, Aug, & Nov 2022

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Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals School of Herbalism offers online &  live courses designed to empower you so you feel comfortable using herbs and nutrition to improve your wellness and wellbeing of your families and friends. Are you ready to live a healthier, happier, and more vital life? Check out our courses!

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of Holistic Herbalism $1097
$ 97
  • Experience a deeper understanding of the plants around you
  • Achieve greater health and vitality naturally
  • Create your own herbal preparations to share with family and friends
  • Confidently address the herbal and health questions of you, your family, and those around you
  • Over 70 hours of downloadable lectures
  • over 1000 pages of high quality PDFs
Family Herbalist
$ 597
  • Meeting first Sat of June, Aug, Nov 2022
  • In-Person & Hands-on
  • Learn how to look at health holistically
  • Identify medicinal wild plants in your area
  • Put together a basic herbal first aid kit
  • Enhance your digestive system using herbs and food
  • Learn new ways to look at the herbs and spices in your kitchen
  • Create a clean & healthy home with easy-made cleaning products
  • Enhance your beauty using preparations you make yourself

Herbal Preparations

Included in the Fundamentals Program
$ 197
  • Create a calming cup of tea for an irritable toddler
  • Preserve herbal medicine for use year around
  • Produce toxin free personal products
  • Share your herbal creations with family and friends
  • Over 30 Preparations with Recipes and Herbal Blends
  • Quizzes and Learning activities for each preparation
  • Video demonstrations & PDFs for every preparation

Upcoming Live Workshops and Classes

Starts June 4, 2022

Starts August, 2022

I am so impressed with your program - it seems very comprehensive and thorough. I appreciate how you have constructed it to align with requirements of the AHG approval - my eventual goal is to apply to AGH, so your Fundamentals program is an exciting first step toward that goal. Keep up the great work! I enjoy the weekly get togethers and check-ins you provide, and how active your biz is online and sharing so much valuable and practical info and application. I also appreciate how you stress incorporating herbs into our everyday life. Very important!! You are an inspiration! And I’m glad I made the decision to go with HMB! Of course, I am very appreciative that you made the course so affordable too! What a blessing that is to me!!
2021 Fundamentals Graduate
The education is far beyond my expectations! It is awesome!
Online Student
I am 2 months into the Holistic Herbalism program with Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals and I couldn’t be more excited! The amount of content that Monica and Linde have available is staggering….there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to keep up in real time, work my way through the program and fill in with the archived videos! The information is presented in a very conversational way – it’s like being invited into their home for tea and a chat and you walk away having learned so much. I’m lucky to be on “winter time” with my job so that I can immerse myself into my herbal training. I was just sharing some of the things I’ve learned and the ideas I’m forming about what to do with my new knowledge with my husband and he was amazed by the volume of information I’ve received in such a short time. Thank you for a wonderful program! There are many herbal online programs out there, however, I believe Huckleberry Mountain to be far and away the most well rounded, inclusive and approachable program around!
Fundamentals Online Student

Our instructors are knowledgable and engaging with an infectious passion for herbs, holistic health and education. Our curriculum is comprehensive and challenging, providing a solid foundation for the casual or beginner herbalist, as well as growing the experienced student’s working knowledge of local medicinal plants and their effects on the body systems.

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